Presidents’ Message

Hello everyone. I trust that you are all doing the best you can to stay safe and to follow all the necessary health protocols as we journey through this pandemic. These have been difficult days and months for us all and now, as we enter into winter, the predictions for COVID transmission seem very alarming. We have been very fortunate here in our own little part of the world, to date. However, we are a very mobile society and must still, therefore, be very vigilant in all that we do. So, I ask you to please be patient, be careful and, most importantly, protect yourselves by staying within your family bubble, wear your mask, wash your hands, and remain socially distanced in public locations. I encourage you to find new ways to stay connected. Make a phone call, learn new skills, take up a hobby, dance at home, go for a walk but, whatever your choice, stay active! Get out of your pajama’s and plan your day with activity that keeps you busy and makes you feel fulfilled.

At this time, I would like to provide you with an update on what has been happening within the operations of the NLPSPA. As you know, our NLPSPA Office reopened in June but we continue to have strict entry measures in place to protect our staff, volunteers, and members. We held our Annual General Meeting on October 15 by virtual means and were pleased that a number of members joined with us. Unfortunately, given the current health situation, in-person meetings are highly unlikely for the next few months, but we are looking at ways to bring some interesting events and information sessions to you over the winter months, through our Zoom meetings platform. If you have topics of interest that you would like information on or if you wish to suggest some special presentation that we could look into providing for you, please contact Cheryl at the NLPSPA Office @ and we would be happy to see what we can arrange.

At the AGM in October, there were four vacancies to be filled on the NLPSPA Board of Directors – two due to resignations and two eligible for re-election. There were five candidates in the running. I am delighted to advise you of the following Board membership and executive positions. Our Board Directors are: Paul Fisher, Bernie Cook, Fred Oates (Treasurer), Al Skehen, Geri Lutz, Doug Laing, Ralph Morris, Craig Hall (Central Branch), Ann Marie Cleary (Vice-President), Mary Cleary (Secretary), Sharron Callahan (Past President) and Doreen Noseworthy (President). Congratulations to all and thank you for your interest in serving the membership of this ever-growing, vibrant association!

On November 20, the Board held a full day planning session. Given the growth of the association, from its original purpose to having become a Provincially and Nationally recognized credible organization with voice on matters that impact pensioners, we took the bold step forward to transition ourselves from a “Working Board” to a “Governance/Policy Board”, with the appropriate staff resources being developed to support this direction. This is a work in progress, and will take us at least a full year of organizational review and change to get us to the right place so we can position ourselves to become a revitalized association into the future. To help us achieve this direction, I am delighted to advise you that Sharron Callahan has been seconded from the Board and will lead this work over the next twelve months. Through messaging such as this, our online newsletters and other publications, we will keep you apprised of our progress.

Operations at the office are continuing and Cheryl remains on site. We hope to offer you the opportunity of some virtual membership meetings in the new year and we will be planning for greater community outreach, once the health climate is better to do so.

I take this opportunity to wish you all good health, happiness and safety, with best wishes for the Christmas/Holiday Season and the New Year ahead.

Doreen Noseworthy