Newsletter Policy

Purpose: NLPSPA is committed to providing a newsletter communication that relays news
about the Association; informs the membership and governments of positions and actions for
which the Association is advocating and seeking resolution; and provides notice of relevant
and interesting events and opportunities. The NLPSPA newsletter shall also be an instrument
which promotes unity of public sector retirees, encourages membership in the Association,
celebrates motivating and rewarding achievements, and provides high quality and
professional representation of NLPSPA.

Guiding Principles: The content and format of the NLPSPA newsletter will be:
• Mission focused
• Accurate and trustworthy
• Timely
• Protective of privacy
• Inclusive and non-discriminatory
• Crediting contributors
• Professional

1. NLPSPA shall publish three (3) newsletters per year: Winter, Spring, and Fall/AGM.
a) The Winter newsletter publication date shall be January 31, with article submission
deadline of January 15;
b) The Spring newsletter publication date shall be May 31, with article submissions
deadline of May 15. This publication will contain any available preliminary information
for the Annual General Meeting and/or Convention;
c) The Fall/AGM/Convention newsletter publication date shall be August 31, with article
submission deadline of August 15;
d) All articles must be into the NLPSPA office by the deadline noted. Two weeks will be
set aside to organize the newsletter and send it to the designer for formatting, and
final approval.

2. Items accepted for publication reflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily
express the opinions of NLPSPA, unless written expressly on behalf of the Association
to inform the membership of actions being taken on behalf of their collective interests.

3. Not-for-profit organizations who wish to place public service announcements, volunteer
opportunities with service groups, notices of reunions or special events are encouraged
to do so. Submissions will be printed dependent upon space allocations and are free of

4. NLPSPA does not endorse or promote any product, service or event presented in paid
advertisement or free public service announcements, unless so specified.

5. Advertisements by members of NLPSPA for the promotion of products, such as crafts,
art, or written materials, will be placed free of charge, depending on space availability,
with an expected donation of one (1) article for presentation at our Annual General

6. Given the right of exclusivity in the sponsorship contract with Anthony Insurance,
NLPSPA will not publish any advertisements, offers, or messaging of any kind from
another property or casualty insurance provider.

7. The cost of paid advertising will be reviewed on an annual basis and may be adjusted
accordingly to reflect current market value.

8. The NLPSPA advertising rates for 2021 shall be based on:
a) Camera ready copy;
b) Digital files to be 300 dpi at 100% printed size;
c) A discount of 10% to businesses who pre-book three (3) or more, same size
advertisements over a one (1) year period.

9. The cost of ad sizes for 2021 shall be:
a) $25.00 for an ad, quarter – page (8 x 11)
b) $50 for a half-page ad, half- page (8 x11)
c) $100.00 for a full – page ad of the size (8 x 11)
d) NLPSPA only offers black and white printing for advertising
e) These advertising rates will be reviewed on an annual basis.

10. The Communications Committee reserves the right to print, reject and/or edit for clarity
all material received and to decide paid or unpaid advertising.

Approved by Board of Directors April 27, 2021