Federal All Party Forum Wednesday September 25 2019

The Newfoundland and Labrador Public Sector Pensioners’ Association in cooperation with the NL Seniors, Pensioners’ and Retirees Coalition is sponsoring a federal all party forum to be held on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, from 7:00 – 9:00 PM in Hampton Hall of the Marine Institute, Ridge Road.

Invitations have been extended to candidates of the Conservative, Liberal, New Democratic, Green and People’s Party of Canada Parties in Newfoundland and Labrador. The moderator for the evening will be Ed Hancock, a well known and respected educator, leader, chairperson, and parliamentarian.

Discussion will focus on a variety of issues affecting seniors, with specific attention on the need for a National Seniors Strategy on Healthy Aging, a National Canadian Pharmacare program, pension protection and income security, abuse prevention, and the well-being of veterans and their families. Other seniors’ related issues may be addressed, time permitting.

The goal of this forum is to raise the issues affecting seniors in a public venue to ensure their concerns are on the radar of the federal political parties and their candidates seeking your vote on Election Day, October 21.

Please advertise this meeting widely and encourage everyone to attend.

Those attending should enter through the main entrance, and follow the directions of the greeters in the lobby. Parking is available in front of the Marine Institute and in the side parking lots, adjacent to the building. Please undertake to be seated by 6:45 PM, as the Forum will commence exactly at 7:00 PM.


Ralph Morris 682-6168/364-4928
Sharron Callahan 690-1238/368-0335