Coming Soon to the Canada Life Portal

Soon, when you to go to GroupNet for plan members to sign in to your account, you’ll be redirected to a new sign-in page.

We’ve got you covered so it’s as easy as possible for you when this happens.

  • You’ll enter your current GroupNet account info and you’ll see the same website you do today. If your browser automatically fills in your username and password right now, be ready with this info for the new sign-in page.
  • After the first time you’re redirected, save the sign-in page as a new bookmark!
  • The GroupNet mobile app is staying the same for now, and you can keep using it as you always have.
Why is this changing?
Stay tuned! In 2021, a new website is coming: My Canada Life at Work™. You’ll have the same tools and resources you do today, plus some new things to help improve your financial, physical and mental well-being. We’ll have more information when My Canada Life at Work will be ready for you next year.
If you have questions about your benefits plan or GroupNet, call us at 1-800-957-9777.