Hello, fellow retirees,

It is a distinct pleasure, and privilege, to write you for the first time as your new President. I appreciate the support and confidence expressed by the Board of Directors at the conclusion of our October AGM and Convention. I am mindful of the responsibility that comes with this position and pledge to our full membership that I will do everything in my power to accomplish the goals of our Association and, in so doing, protect and enhance our benefits as retirees.

A huge success is the only way I can describe our AGM and Convention; the turnout was extremely gratifying, the sessions were timely and informative, and the overall mood was uplifting and energetic. It was so invigorating to see so many people having a positive “time”, particularly in the wake of the past few years of
Covid restrictions.

I want to express thanks and deep appreciation to our outgoing President, Doreen Noseworthy, and all members of the Board of Directors for the outstanding work done over the past two years. The political structure of the organization has been completely revamped in that we have now transitioned from a “working” Board to
a “policy” Board. Members of the Board of Directors will, in the future, meet on a quarterly basis to oversee the ongoing functioning of NLPSPA as the day-to-day work of the organization is implemented and managed by staff of the Association. I have to acknowledge with great appreciation the outstanding work of our two staff officers, Sharron Callahan and Cheryl Myers. Cheryl has been with NLPSPA for the past decade and has, in many ways, been the face and voice of our organization during interaction with you, our members. Sharron Callahan has been a devoted and long-serving leader within NLPSPA for the past several years. Serving first as President, Sharron agreed to take on the onerous duties of interim Executive Director, working closely with Past President Doreen and our Board, to lead the redefining of our overall structure during the past two years. We are especially proud to announce that Sharron has been hired, effective October 12, 2022, as the first permanent NLPSPA Executive Director. The Association is extremely fortunate to have a person with the experience, qualifications and dedication that Sharron brings to this new undertaking. I welcome Sharron and look forward with great anticipation to working with her over the next few years.

NLPSPA has now become completely available and accessible to our members through revamped and interactive Website and Facebook vehicles. Doreen has paid tribute to Board Member and technology leader Cliff Reid for the tremendous insight and leadership he has shown in this area. Please refer to Doreen’s article for more information in this regard.

In closing, I want to wish all members every success for the coming months as we embark on an exciting and rewarding year of involvement with NLPSPA. As my predecessor has said on a few occasions recently, we have gone boldly into the 21st Century. Our future as an organization is now!

Sincerely and respectfully,

Wayne Noseworthy