April 20th. Update on Meeting with Affliliated Organizations

The meeting today with the Affiliated Organizations was a huge success. Delegates attended from Marine Atlantic Pensioners, CBC pensioners, CARP, FSNA, Canadian Legion, RTANL, NLPSPA, NAPE, Retired Firefighters, Seniors Resource Centre, MUN Students’ Union, NALCOR pensioners (Silver Lights).

We identified issues of common concern, including defined benefit and defined contribution plans, federal social security changes (OAS/GIS/CPP), health issues, such as pharmacare, dispensing fees, long term care, affordable housing.

There was unanimous agreement to stay connected and to continue to reach out to other associations not present. A small working group will now develop a protocol to support this network and the group will reconvene later this Fall to determine next steps to inform our memberships and the public.

Posted by Sharron Callahan, President, NLPSPA