Western Branch

At a General Meeting of the Membership of the NLPSPA in Corner Brook, in October 2002, attended by Bill Shallow and Ray Hawco, the formation of a Branch of the Association in the Western Region was discussed. There was favourable response and a Steering Committee was appointed to pursue the matter. Since then, Ray and Bill have been in periodic contact with the Committee.

Another General Meeting of Membership was called for Tuesday, 25 March 2003, at the Royal Canadian Legion, on West Street, in Corner Brook. The main purpose of the meeting would be the formation of a Western Branch. In preparation, the Steering Committee did an excellent job of promotion, including contacting members by telephone.

At the meeting, seventy-three members were present, from Stephenville to Deer Lake. Bill Shallow, Barbara Hopkins and Ray Hawco also attended. Keith Ambler, Secretary of the Steering Committee chaired the meeting He welcomed those attending and outlined the purpose of the meeting. Bill spoke to the group on the Public Service Pension Plan and related issues. His presentation was enthusiastically received and was followed by a lively question and answer session.

A Resolution was moved, seconded and unanimously passed to form a Branch of the Association in the Western Region. This decision was followed by an election of a Board of Directors for the new Branch.

The following members were elected: President, Hope Wiseman; Vice President, Wesley Roberts; Secretary, Keith Ambler; Treasurer, Patricia Cormier; Directors: Bert Hillier, Carole Jardine, Walter Mackay, Agnes McCarthy and Leroy Pike.

After the meeting, Bill, Barbara and Ray met with the newly elected Board to help orient them to their new responsibilities. The Constitution, Action Plan and Committee Structure were briefly reviewed. Bill suggested that they immediately write the Provincial Board of Directors requesting that the new Branch be formally recognized as an official Branch of the Association. He also pointed out that the new Branch, once recognized will have the right to nominate a member to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association. He further recommended that they meet on a regular basis and plan a number of Branch activities, to which all members will be invited, over the next few months. Finally, Bill congratulated the new Board and assured them of the full support of the Provincial Board.

Board of Directors

Wesley Roberts, President
Joseph Blanchard, Vice-President
Keith Ambler, Secretary
Rose Murrin, Treasurer
Hope Wiseman, Past-President
Seamus Gibbons, Director
Albert Murphy Director
Martin Lowe, Director
George Mullett, Director
John White, Director
Helen Gardner, Director